I like the RA Summer exhibition…

…well, if you disregard the grumpy old ladies and about 700 odd works (out of just over a thousand entries). People say it is ‘wholly democratic’ – quite. It feels like wandering in a posh art-and-craft jumble-sale. From woodcuts to video installations, tacky multi-media collages to futuristic architectural models, you will be gently seduced, drawn-in, bewildered, enchanted maybe and most certainly turned off. It is above all a feast for the eyes and the heart. You need to leave your contemporary art world’s attitudes at the door and go and indulge yourself for a while.

bird-and-metronome.jpg My favourite artwork is also a prize winner, which is reassuring: it goes to the Birds and Metronome, by Joana Pires da Mota. On the wall, 2 projected colourful birds are flying over the hand of a metronome, endlessly trying to catch up with it. It is minimal, catchy, hypnotising. Another great piece is Leonardo’s Great Lady by Marilene Oliver. Slices of plexiglass, on which she drew some shapes in pen and ink, have been stuck together to make a transparent rectangular sculpture. Looking through it, the body of a woman appears, in sketchy Leornado’s fashion. Nearby, on the wall, I am attracted by dozens of flashy little dots, which mark the number of people who bought the work underneath: a thin nude lady with floating hair and a lovely pert bottom, drawn casually on a brown piece of paper. Nathan and I smile. Things will never change.



~ by lavivette on August 4, 2007.

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