A piece of peace

parcel-peace.jpgThere is only one thing I like more than receiving a letter through the post: a parcel. When I came home this evening, I saw this square, painted little box on the table, stamped and recorded all the way from New Jersey, United States. Lighter than air, it felt suspiciously empty. On the top, a label said: ‘Handle with care – FRAGILE – Contains: Peace’, then I knew this was no junk mail. On one side of the box, the signature FdlM, the pseudonym for Nicaraguan artist Franck de Las Mercedes. His current global art project consists of making colourful boxes, filling them with peace and sending them all over the world, on request. A few months back, I had visited his website and naturally asked for one. There I was, holding a work of art from Frank’s Priority Boxes global art series. A real, free, touching gift of peace in the name of art. I gave it to James, my boyfriend, and imagined a world without arguments.



~ by lavivette on August 23, 2007.

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