Serpent-like Pavilion

_-space-hoppers.jpgAlthough I was avoiding shade like the plague yesterday – the first self-respecting Summer’s day in the whole month of August – the new Serpentine Pavilion was a refreshing place to sit, drink and watch the kids play. Greg, Nathan and I climbed its coiled snake-like structure up to the top where a small interior mirador allowed us to admire the spiraling design of the roof and the flashy red space-hoppers below. Its dark-wood and cord materials naturally blend with the surrounding trees and, from our spot in the grass nearby, it looked like something between a make-shift country hut, an antiquarian’s dream spaceship and the head of a huge grinning dinosaur (a ‘grinning Mutley’ said Nathan). Made by Danish artist Olafur Eliasson (the Weather Project, Tate Modern, 2003), and Norwegian architect Kjetil Thorsen, the Pavilion will be holding music and art events on Friday nights during the next few weeks, so let’s hope for an Indian Summer and I will see you there.



~ by lavivette on August 27, 2007.

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