Diving bells, rabbits, no butterflies

Deafening, ominous sounds coming from a dark room at the end of a long corridor… Increased heartbeats when I enter the room, coming face to face with half-a-dozen menacing creatures (not dissimilar to the black army of Darth Vaders taking over the Palais de Tokyo back in June) who turned out to be dangling diving bell suits supposedly drifting in the deep sea. The poor souls caught inside are trying desperately to escape by sending S.O.S sound waves back to the surface. Based on a true story, the fatal accident of the Russian nuclear submarine in 2000, in which marines lost their lives trapped in their machine skeleton, Markus Copper’s Kursk sends chills down the spine. I pop my head into the room next door and notice a white rabbit in a corner, carrying a flat dish of water (Pekka Jylha’s Trembling adn Honouring), which will re-appear again along the art trail of Arctic Hysteria – New Art from Finland located in the first floor galleries of the P.S.1. Diving into the rabbit hole (did I take a red pill?) I found myself wandering the collective consciousness of a group of Finnish artists and I am somehow taken quite deep by their touching, slightly neurotic, both funny and sad philosophical meanderings about the state of being Finnish in the 21st century.

Arctic Hysteria – New Art from Finland, P.S.1, New York


~ by lavivette on September 27, 2008.

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