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3 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi hi
    I really enjoyed meeting you at the shed and a half. What a great blog with reviews that are wonderfully written. Keep me updated with your future projects.

  2. ps what is the title of the book you mention?

  3. Hi Viv,

    Thank you for your comment on OS: an in-depth and personal reflection. I shall have a look at the author you mention. In response, all I would say is that the ’tiles’ of each entry are only really meant as a guide, a tag, etc, and I often am called upon to check my dictionary and thesaurus when making my entries. As per your response, and as I’ve discovered with this project, is that words, text, authors’, find Silence both intelligible and omnipresent; it is impossible to fully comprehend, language falls short and yet it exists everywhere if we care to listen, or if we care to see.
    Perhaps you would like to contribute voice to the project? If so, I let you choose which text! 🙂 I trust this finds you well.
    My regards, and once again thanks for your participation,

    Seth Guy

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